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Rancho Thatchmo

Mar 2, 2022

Folks follow up their lover lists with how these relationships dissembled: sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly.

Featuring: Mike Houston, Karley Sciortino, Dusty Grella, Kay Kasparhauser, Tim Foljahn, Sharon Mashihi, and Sarah Sloat.

Feb 16, 2022

This episode we plunge deeper into the cavernous black books of the citizenry and their thumbnail descriptions of playmates.

Featuring: The Chef with the Infectious Laugh, the Swinging Falsetto Opera Contractor from Dirty Jerzy, the Super-Stylish Fish-Witch, the Local Journalist, the Ceremonial Magic Artist,...

Feb 9, 2022

Folks look at their romantic patterns with these thumbnail descriptions of lovers past and present.

Featuring: The Titan of Mope-Core, The Rural Radio Love Queen, A 90's Rock Star, The Mayflower WASP Writer, Canadian Radio Revolutionary, and the Texan Ten.

Aug 25, 2021

People share lists about words and work and self-help and sex and their souls.

Featuring Julia Nightingale, Sharon Mashihi, Derekk Garner, Peter Chinman, Reuben Radding, Sarah Sloat, Amanda Daisy Lees, Kay Kasperhauser, (Atlanta Floor), Johnny Hoppe, Josephine Decker, Johnathan Wood Vincent, Christopher Funkhauser, Mike...

Feb 24, 2021

Featuring: Adam Marnie, Nancy Loeber, Sharon Mashihi, Bianca Giaever, T.E., Amanda  Daisy Lees, Tina Reichenbach, Arjun Ram Shrivatsa, Dylan Chavles, K.S.