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Rancho Thatchmo

Jan 12, 2022

Slang from a few sections of the street corner society. Students and millennials, Jamaicans and Civil War soldiers, Twitter and jazz, and a bunch of slang collected by a British academic.

This episode features Lia Wortendyke, June Walker, Thalia, Luisa Del Prete, Olga Axelrod, Mandy Babirad, Dave Sewelson,...

Jan 5, 2022

Part two of a furthur dive into the use and abuse of language. We look at the proprietary shorthands used by odd corners of society: Mohicans, Persians, Lawyers, the NOI, the Intelligence community, pick-up artists, Wiki's understanding of the occult, head shrinkers, and archaic terms for the whump and thump.