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Rancho Thatchmo

Jan 12, 2022

Slang from a few sections of the street corner society. Students and millennials, Jamaicans and Civil War soldiers, Twitter and jazz, and a bunch of slang collected by a British academic.

This episode features Lia Wortendyke, June Walker, Thalia, Luisa Del Prete, Olga Axelrod, Mandy Babirad, Dave Sewelson,...

Jan 5, 2022

Part two of a furthur dive into the use and abuse of language. We look at the proprietary shorthands used by odd corners of society: Mohicans, Persians, Lawyers, the NOI, the Intelligence community, pick-up artists, Wiki's understanding of the occult, head shrinkers, and archaic terms for the whump and thump.


Nov 10, 2021

Part one of a cursory dive into language use and abuse.

Bits about the variations and the wiggle room in verbal expression.

Visual language, swear words invented for Hollywood, word based free association, gibberish, prosodic poetry, an endangered language, verboten words, last words, and laughing.

Featuring Preston...